Our Team

Our Team is our success! Our policies and practices aim to have a continuous recruitments system. Our competitive compensation package and current and well regarded Human Resources programs create an environment in which professional Early Childhood Educators can flourish in their profession.

As testament to the top quality care that we provide, our Executive Director Jackie Macdonald-Bartkiw was awarded the 2006 Prime Ministers Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education.

Jackie Macdonald-Bartkiw, RECE, ECE.C, BA
has been the Executive Director of The Village Children’s Programs since August 1993.

She has played an instrumental role in the child care community and has brought The Village and its staff to new heights with her outstanding leadership qualities. Jackie graduated from the Early Childhood Education program at Centennial College in 1988, obtained her Bachelor of Arts from York University in 1994 and completed her Certification in 2003. She is a leader to her Team and to her field and lives The Village vision of being passionate about excellence in Early Childhood Education Programs.