All of our centres provide warm rich environments conducive to learning and building strong and secure relationships with caring adults and other children. Whether it is working towards gaining early speech in an infant or fostering friendships and peer study groups, our programs are specialized to the ages and stages of the children.

Our curriculum aims to provide school readiness so that children have a strong foundation for their growth and development. Our programs are consistent with the teachings and styles of the local School Boards and every effort is made to provide a continuum of learning and to support the work carried out in the classrooms. Our Early Childhood Educators will refer to “Pathways to Early Learning: A Junior and Senior Kindergarten Program” to facilitate a seamless and supportive partnership with our schools’ curriculums.

All of our programs are fully licensed by The Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

The Village specializes in 3 types of programs:

Early Learning Centres Before & After School Village Camp